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Dr. Bilus Poles from Omni Dental of Arlington Heights recently attended an exclusive cocktail event hosted by SDI Limited, a world-renowned manufacturer and marketer of specialist dental materials.

The event was an excellent opportunity for Dr. Poles to exchange thoughts and suggestions with SDI’s representatives and learn more about their innovative dental products. SDI Limited was founded in 1972 and quickly became a world leader in specialist dental materials. 

SDI’s Products and Their Effectiveness

The company is primarily involved in the research and development, manufacturing, and marketing of dental materials that combine innovation and excellence. All of SDI’s products are manufactured in Victoria, Australia, and are sold through distributors and retailers in over 100 countries worldwide. SDI has offices and warehouses in various locations, including Chicago, USA; Cologne, Germany; and Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Dr. Bilus Poles Shares Expertise at SDI Cocktail Event

At the event, Dr. Poles had the opportunity to meet Samantha Cheetham, the CEO of SDI Limited. They had a fruitful conversation, exchanging ideas and discussing the latest trends and innovations in dental materials.

Dr. Poles was impressed by SDI’s commitment to providing high-quality products that meet the needs of dental professionals worldwide. Omni Dental of Arlington Heights relies on SDI’s products for their teeth whitening treatments. 

SDI’s teeth whitening products, such as Pola Day/Night (Take Home Tooth Whitening System), Pola Day CP (Take Home Tooth Whitening System), Pola Light (LED Whitening System), and Pola Rapid (Super Fast In-Office Tooth Whitening System), have proven to be highly effective in delivering outstanding results.

Fun Conversations with Miss USA and Miss Illinois

During the event, Dr. Poles also enjoyed meeting Miss USA Morgan Romano and Miss Illinois Angel Reyes. They engaged in some fun conversations, and Dr. Poles was impressed by their enthusiasm for dental care. They exchanged ideas on the latest dental trends, and Dr. Poles was happy to share his expertise with them.

Importance of staying up-to-date in the dental industry

Dr. Bilus Poles is a leading dentist in the Chicago area passionate about staying updated on the latest technology and science in the dental industry. He is grateful to SDI Limited for hosting such a successful event and for their commitment to providing us with high-quality products that meet the needs of our dental clinic in Arlington Heights, IL.

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