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Our Mission

A Happy Mouth makes a Happier You. We use our mouth every day to talk or to eat. Your mouth is a reflection of your overall health. We work hard to offer you the best personalized care possible, in the comfortable setting. You will be amazed at our top notch customer service!

our mission

we have developed a state of art approach to dental care, essentially looking at how we ourselves would want our personal medical or dental care planned and delivered. There are four key elements, each essential to the best patient outcomes:


Front Desk
Personalized Dental Wellness Plan, individually and holistically tailored to each patient’s physical and emotional health
Dr. Bilus Poles
Collaborative Care, tapping into the collective wisdom of our experienced team of doctors to ensure the best patient outcomes
Dental technology
Patient-Focused Technologies, integrating and leveraging new techniques, processes, and devices for our patients’ greatest health benefit
denture repair
Education, empowering patients to fully understand and actively participate in their treatment and to better care for themselves

Our Mission

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