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staying hydrated is important after getting a dental implant. You can drink cold liquids and eat soft foods for the first 24 to 48 hours. Avoid hot foods and drinks during this time. You should also not use a straw or water bottle requiring suction for at least a couple of weeks. If you have had bone grafting before the surgery, the recovery period can be longer and the restriction is extended to a month.

Immediately after getting a dental implant, it is important to avoid hard, crunchy foods, or chewy foods. Stick to soft foods and a liquid diet for at least a week. After 1-2 weeks, you can start introducing tougher, chewier foods into your diet. Here are a few tips and suggestions for what to eat after dental implant surgery:


After surgery, it is important to eat soft texture foods that will help with the healing process. These include ice cream, smoothies, and other drinks made from soft or liquid ingredients such as yogurt or applesauce mixed with water for a consistency similar in nature to mashed potatoes which can be eaten cold depending on preference; creamy soups also make great choices because its easy to chew.

soft fruits and raw vegetables, such as cooked carrots, mashed potatoes, or ripe bananas, soft proteins, such as cooked chicken, fish, tofu, or eggs, soups, and stews, yogurt, cottage cheese, pudding, soft bread, cereal, milk, fruit juice, and water.

What To Avoid Eating After Dental Implant Surgery


  • Avoid sticky foods
  • Avoid hard fruits and vegetables, such as raw carrots or apples, hard proteins, such as steak or jerky, crunchy bread, nuts, and popcorn.
  • Chew on the side of your mouth opposite the implant surgery site.
  • Avoid hot foods and drinks immediately after surgery as they can cause pain and irritation.
  • Wait at least 48 hours before eating spicy foods.
  • Spit out rather than swallowing any food particles that come loose from the surgical site.
  • Rinse your mouth with warm salt water if you experience any pain or discomfort.

Source: Opdaz

Nutritions are important after implant surgery

Eating nutrition is absolutely essential for the recovery period. A balanced diet is essential to a speedy recovery. Supplements may be recommended if you are not getting enough protein in your diet. It is important to follow the dietary restrictions and eat the recommended foods to ensure that your healing process is not aggravated.

Eating and drinking immediately after surgery may cause some discomfort but it is essential to drink plenty of fluids and eat soft foods regularly to avoid malnutrition and constipation.

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