At Omni Your Comfort Always Comes First

We are family and we treat our patients like family. We’re not an assembly line dental clinic. We don’t ever want to get so busy that we can’t spend the time needed with each patient.

We are different than most practices because the doctors do most of the treatment. Both doctors do cleanings and place fillings on their patients. Dr. Bilus Poles, DDS don’t delegate these procedures to staff because they want to make sure that their patients recieve treatment that meets their standards.

We provide a stable consistent dental environment with unmatched customer service. We are always here for you whether it is for routine care or if the need arises to handle emergencies. It is that same consistency that has transferred to our team and ultimately the best customer service in Arlington Heights IL.

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Patient-Focused Technologies

Dental technologies are constantly emerging. At Dental Professionals, we are constantly evaluating emerging technologies and adopting those that, without compromise:

  • improve diagnosis and patient outcomes
  • make your appointments more comfortable and course of treatment faster
  • make dental care more affordable
  • minimize our environmental impact.

Click here to learn more about the wide variety of technologies we feature in our offices

Comfort From Start To Finish

> Many patient experience dental anxiety during their visit and we understand. at omni dental we provide a calm and enjoyable involvement to make sure you are comfortable during your treatment session and we personalize comforts provided by our staff throughout your appointment.

> this may be a warm neck pillow, for others it may be the ability to stream their favorite Netflix content in the treatment room. We work with you to find what’s effective in relieving anxiety and helping you to relax.

> Often, the real sense of calm comes from the fact that our doctors and team take the time to help you understand your treatment, so there are never any lingering questions when you begin care. By communicating clearly what you can expect before, during, and after your treatment, we are able to alleviate fear and promote comfortable care from beginning to end.

Flexible Scheduling Options

We know you are busy and that finding time to see the dentist can be difficult. To help make scheduling as easy as possible, we offer convenient hours at both our practice locations. Whether you need a quick appointment over your lunch hour downtown, or an evening or Saturday appointment, we will work with you to find something that works.

Many of our patients see us at both our offices, depending on their individual work and family schedules. We welcome the opportunity to be part of your care in any way that works for you!

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