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Generally, dentures are repaired in dental laboratories by a skilled technician. However, technicians perform these denture repairs according to the instructions given by the dentist. Dentists provide instructions to technicians after thoroughly inspecting the dentures.


Loose Caps Or Lost Dentures?

Dentures are much like tools or pieces of equipment. They are susceptible to normal wear and tear. Likewise, the soft tissue around your jawline can change shape and shift, which can cause your dentures to move out of position and lose their fit. And other times, accidents can happen—a bump or an accident can cause damage to your dentures.

Do not try to fix your broken dentures on your own because there is a chance that you may damage the dentures while trying to fix them. Always consider professional denture repair for a hassle-free experience and long-lasting results. In any of these circumstances, it is important to seek denture repair from your dentist.


How Do I temporarily Fix My Denture For Now?

If it is only a tooth that fell out of your denture, then that is good news. This type of repair is generally easy to temporarily fix your self. As always, a professional repair with denture acrylic is the best long term repair. However, when In a bind you have a few options.

1. Superglue- yes you can superglue the tooth temporarily back on.

  • Take your denture out, dry it off, make sure the tooth goes right back in place.
  • Apply a small amount of superglue, then quickly add the tooth.
  • Give it time to dry, remove any excess material.
  • There will be a chemical taste, and superglue is somewhat toxic. Expect this self repair to only last a short while, try not to eat on the tooth. Come see us to get he tooth professionally added back on, so it will last longer.


Omni Dental

An Advanced Repair Lab Along With Your Dentist Office

There may come a time when you have done everything you can to take proper care of your dentures, but you still end up needing denture emergency repairs or a denture reline. Perhaps you bit down on something that cracked your dentures, maybe you dropped them as you were preparing for bed one night. Dropping your dentures can crack the base, chip a tooth or break one.

Ite two types of denture repairs: simple repairs and repairs with impressions. our dentist will evaluate your situation and provide the appropriate solution. In many cases, same-day service is also available. The cost of each service is determined by the nature of the repair. It might also include a denture reline or adjustment to accommodate changes to your jaw, gums, and bone structure.

Restore the natural look, feel, and performance of your dentures—we’re here for you. We strive to deliver personalized service with dignity and respect. With our patient-centric approach, your dentures are in capable and compassionate hands.

With our team, restoring the natural look and feel of your loose teeth is easy. Give us a call today and schedule an appointment at 847-483-8833

Denture Rebase & Repairs

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