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Facts About Teeth Whitening: Everyone loves a bright smile. It’s a sign of health and happiness. Yet, getting that sparkle isn’t always straightforward. Teeth whitening has become a go-to solution for many in Illinois seeking to brighten their smiles. But what’s involved in this popular procedure?

There’s a lot to know from the active ingredients that make it possible to the myths surrounding overnight results. Whether it’s a professional teeth whitening service or an over-the-counter product you’re considering, understanding the facts is crucial. Let’s dive into the essentials of teeth whitening, ensuring you’re well-informed before taking the next step.

Your Teeth Absorb Just Like Sponges

Just like your skin or a sponge, your teeth have pores that absorb anything with color you put in your mouth. Coffee, wine, dark berries, and smoking can stain your teeth over time. The natural color of your teeth darkens unless these stains are actively removed. Properly formulated teeth whitening gel penetrates your teeth, gently pushing stains out through the pores.

Teeth Whitening is Safe When Done Correctly

Contrary to some beliefs, teeth whitening does not damage your teeth. Using active ingredients to temporarily open pores in your teeth and lift stains, the whitening process is similar to deep cleaning your skin. Your teeth naturally remineralize and rehydrate after each whitening session, making the process safe when following instructions.

Sensitivity Is a Common Part of the Process

It’s normal to experience sensitivity after teeth whitening. This is because the teeth temporarily dehydrate, reducing their ability to protect the nerve from temperature changes. This sensitivity typically disappears within 12-36 hours. Using a post-whitening fluoride treatment can help nourish the teeth and promote rehydration.

Laser or UV Light Whitening Offers Temporary Results

Laser or UV light teeth whitening accelerates the whitening gel but is often not suitable for people with sensitive teeth due to its intensity. While it whitens teeth quickly, maintaining the results usually requires follow-up treatments or custom-fitted trays, making it an expensive and time-consuming option.

Overnight Whitening Is a Myth

No teeth whitening product can remove stains overnight. Whitening takes time—anywhere from a few days to several months—especially for severe stains. Each session removes years of stains, making it easier to maintain your smile once you’ve achieved your desired whiteness.

Artificial Teeth Cannot Be Whitened

Caps, veneers, and other artificial tooth surfaces cannot be whitened. These dental works are created to match the color of your surrounding teeth and do not respond to whitening treatments. It’s important to consider the color of these fixtures when getting them placed.

Whiten Your Teeth Before Bed

The best time to whiten your teeth is just before bed. This minimizes the chance for staining and allows your teeth to begin rehydrating and remineralizing overnight. Using a fluoride-infused desensitizing gel after whitening can speed up the remineralizing process.

Natural Color Limits Whitening Potential

Your teeth’s natural color is set at birth, and whitening products only remove accumulated stains. Not everyone’s teeth can achieve a perfect white shade due to their natural color and genetic makeup. Understanding this limitation is crucial before starting your whitening journey.

Custom Whitening Trays Offer the Best Coverage

The effectiveness of teeth whitening largely depends on the method of application. Custom-fitted trays ensure that every angle of every tooth receives consistent coverage, making them a superior choice for thorough whitening.

Maintaining Your White Smile Is Key

After achieving your desired level of whiteness, maintaining your smile is crucial. Regular brushing, flossing, and avoiding foods and drinks that stain can help keep your teeth bright. Periodic touch-up treatments can also help combat new stains.

In addition to these steps, incorporating whitening toothpaste into your daily oral care routine can offer a gentle yet effective way to sustain your whitening results. Whitening gels, when used as directed, serve as another formidable ally in your quest to preserve that luminous smile. It’s not just about the products, though; it’s also about the approach.

Tailoring your teeth whitening process to fit the unique needs of your sensitive teeth, if applicable, ensures that comfort goes hand-in-hand with cosmetic improvement. Remember, achieving a radiant smile is one thing, but the real success lies in your ability to maintain it over time with safe and effective practices.


Teeth whitening is a safe and effective way to brighten your smile when done correctly. Understanding these key facts about teeth whitening can help Illinois residents achieve and maintain a beautiful, natural smile.

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