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The journey towards maintaining and enhancing our dental health is an essential part of overall well-being. With an uptick in the understanding and importance of dental care, more individuals are turning to dental solutions like temporary crowns to safeguard their smiles.

These crowns, serving as a protective cap for your natural tooth, play a critical role in dental health by maintaining the tooth’s integrity and function until a permanent crown can be placed. This proactive step in dental care not only prepares the way for a lasting solution but also underscores the significance of timely intervention and care in preserving our natural teeth.

Your Guide to Temporary Crown Care

Maintaining the condition of your temporary crown is crucial for the health of your natural tooth and the success of your upcoming permanent restoration. Follow these expert tips to ensure your temporary crown remains intact and your dental health is preserved.

#1. Keep Your Temporary Crown Clean: The Right Way to Brush and Floss

While your temporary crown is in place, maintaining oral hygiene is vital. Brush gently around the crown area using a soft-bristled toothbrush to avoid dislodging the crown. When flossing, slide the floss out from between your teeth instead of lifting it out to prevent catching on the crown.

#2. Avoid Sticky Situations: Foods to Steer Clear Of

Sticky foods can be your temporary crown’s worst enemy. Items like chewing gum, caramel, or taffy can adhere to the crown and potentially pull it off. Opt for softer foods and cut your meals into smaller pieces to ease the chewing process.

#3. Chew With Care: Protect Your Temporary Crown from Damage

Being mindful of where you chew can extend the life of your temporary crown. Try to use the opposite side of your mouth for the bulk of your chewing to avoid putting undue pressure on the crown. This simple adjustment can make a significant difference in the crown’s longevity.

#4. Soothe Sensitivity: Managing Temperature Sensitivities with Cold Foods

It’s not uncommon to experience some sensitivity to hot or cold after receiving a temporary crown. When consuming cold foods, do so moderately to prevent discomfort. If sensitivity persists, contact our dental office for advice.

#5. Emergency Care: What to Do If Your Temporary Crown Loosens or Falls Off

Should your temporary crown become loose or fall off, it’s important to call our office immediately. A loose crown can lead to discomfort or further dental issues. Keep the crown safe so it can be potentially reapplied until your permanent crown is ready.

#6. Transitioning to Permanence: Preparing for Your Permanent Crown

As your appointment for your permanent crown approaches, continue to care for your temporary crown and natural tooth. This care ensures a seamless transition to your permanent restoration, safeguarding the health of your natural tooth and the success of your dental treatment.

Your Path to Dental Health

Caring for your temporary crown is a critical step in your journey to achieving a beautiful, healthy smile. At Omni Dental, we’re here to guide you through each step of this journey, from the initial consultation to the moment you receive your permanent crown. Remember, if you have any concerns or need to schedule an appointment, we’re just a call away. Together, we can ensure your smile shines bright across Illinois.


Ready to take the next step towards a healthier smile?

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