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Dr. Bilus of Omni Dental in Arlington Heights, IL, vividly recalls the transformative journey of Sarah, a patient whose initial apprehension gave way to a radiant, renewed confidence. This case study details that transformative journey, step by step.


Sarah’s Dental History and Initial Concerns

When Sarah first stepped into Omni Dental, her dental history was a blend of experiences:

  • Childhood years with traditional metal braces.
  • Teeth that had shifted again in adulthood.
  • Dental crowns on two molars due to past issues.

Sarah’s primary concern was clear. “Having endured the discomfort and visible presence of traditional metal braces once, I didn’t want to revisit that phase. But with my dental crowns, can I even explore options to straighten my teeth?”

The Detailed Consultation

Dr. Bilus believes in thorough consultations. It’s a cornerstone of Omni Dental’s approach.

Understanding Sarah’s Needs:

Dr. Bilus says, “During our initial discussion, Sarah’s apprehension was palpable. She worried that her dental work, especially the crowns, would restrict her treatment options.”

The Examination Process:

  • A detailed oral examination to assess the alignment and health of each tooth.
  • A specialized focus on the molars with dental crowns.
  • Digital scans to get a clear image of her bite and teeth alignment.

Recommending Invisalign

Statistics show that more adults are leaning towards Invisalign because of its discreet nature. Dr. Bilus knew that Invisalign could be the right choice for Sarah if her dental crowns posed no issues.

Why Invisalign was Suited for Sarah:

  • Discreet Treatment: The clear nature of Invisalign aligners ensures that they’re almost invisible. For an adult like Sarah, who’s constantly interacting with peers at work and socially, this was paramount.
  • Flexibility: Unlike traditional metal braces, she could remove them when eating or for special occasions.
  • Comfort: No metal wires or brackets meant lesser discomfort and mouth sores.

The Treatment Journey

The Initial Phase:

  • Sarah received her first set of customized Invisalign aligners.
  • Dr. Bilus meticulously ensured that they fit perfectly, particularly around the teeth with dental crowns.

Progress Tracking:

  • Every two weeks, Sarah was equipped with a new set of aligners, gradually working to correct her crowded teeth.
  • Periodic appointments at Omni Dental allowed Dr. Bilus to monitor the movement of her teeth with Invisalign.

Notable Achievements:

The Glorious Result

Sarah’s Transformation:

After her dedicated journey with Invisalign treatment, Sarah’s teeth straightened impressively. The crowning glory? Even her molars with dental crowns fit perfectly in her now-aligned set of teeth.

Dr. Bilus beams with pride, “Sarah’s physical transformation was evident. But what stood out was her renewed confidence. She smiled more, laughed heartily, and her entire demeanor changed.”

One of the burning questions Sarah had walked in with was, “Can I get Invisalign with crowns?” This doubt, shared by many, stemmed from the idea that prior dental work could hinder the process of teeth alignment. But her experience at Omni Dental shattered this myth. Not only did she successfully undergo the Invisalign treatment with dental crowns, but she also became a beacon of hope for many harboring similar concerns.

Dr. Bilus’s Reflective Thoughts

At Omni Dental, our mission is clear: personalized, effective dental care. Every patient, every tooth, tells a unique story. Sarah’s journey is a testament to the fact that prior dental work, like crowns, doesn’t restrict one from exploring transformative options. With advancements in dental technology and the right guidance, possibilities are limitless.”

“For those unsure about their dental journey, especially with previous dental work, remember Sarah’s story. And take that first step. Schedule a consultation. Together, let’s script your transformative journey.

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