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Dental Implant Front Tooth: Tooth loss is extremely common. It’s estimated that 69 percentTrusted Source of adults 35 to 44 have lost at least one adult tooth. By age 74, about a quarter of Americans lose all of their adult teeth.

Nearly all people who do not maintain good daily oral hygiene will develop gingivitis. If left untreated, this bacterial gum infection can progress from gingivitis (“gingival” – gum; “itis” – inflammation) to periodontitis, which results in bone loss around your teeth. As the bone tissue is lost, the gum tissues detach from the teeth and form little pockets that provide an even better place for bacteria to live — where your brush and floss can’t reach. As periodontal disease advances leading to more bone loss, tooth loss can result. Part of this has to do with genetics, as periodontal disease tends to run in families. The good news is that periodontal disease can be controlled, even at more advanced stages.

What Is a Front Tooth Implant?

A front tooth implant is a titanium post that fits directly into the jawbone to replace a tooth root. It fuses with the bone tissue over the course of a four to six month recovery period and provides support for a customized artificial tooth the same way the roots support a natural tooth. In fact, it is the only available tooth replacement solution that replaces the entire tooth, from the top of the crown down to the roots.

Since your front teeth are prominent and easily seen, you want to make sure you select a tooth replacement solution that is long-lasting and stable. Implant-supported restorations provide durable, aesthetically pleasing results and operate much like natural teeth.


No Need to Worry You Will Be Left Without a Tooth

You will receive a temporary teeth on the same day of your front tooth implant procedure in Arlington Heights IL. The tooth is mostly for aesthetic purposes only, and you should avoid biting on the tooth while it heals. It’s likely to be constructed in such a way to ensure it doesn’t contact your opposing teeth. Once healing is complete, your new permanent tooth is made and fitted, completing your treatment and leaving you to enjoy your newly rejuvenated smile.


why Don’t All People Replace Missing Teeth With Dental Implants?

Some people worry that they will have to go without teeth when having dental implants. This is not the case. Although the implanted portion may require several months to become integrated with the bone, we place ‘temporaries’ to provide a natural looking smile so patients are comfortable during the “healing phase.” While biting bite crisp apples or corn on the cob isn’t possible with temporary crowns, the limitations are easily managed for most patients.

For some people, the only obstacle is cost. While dental implants crowns may seem more expensive, the investment is one that is designed to last a lifetime. With proper care, your dental implants should last as long as you do! Through easy, interest-free payment plans, our financial coordinator has helped hundreds of implant patients manage the fees without straining their budget.

We also help to minimize dental implant costs through strategic implant planning and placement. With advanced skills in implant dentistry, we are often able to place one dental implant that supports two or more replacement teeth. Since implant treatment costs are based on the number of implants used, this helps to keep treatment fees to a minimum.

Dental Implant Success

Patients have reported that having dental implants can be far less painful than having a tooth removed or root canal treatment. The placement of dental implants is generally easier than most people imagine. It is one event in a very well planned, organised process. This means that aftercare and healing is also usually straightforward and uneventful.  

Your commitment to your implant treatment outcome is that you maintain good oral hygiene.  Cleaning your implants is not difficult and once your dentist is satisfied your treatment is going well, ongoing care will be similar to any patient with natural teeth.

The Association of Dental Implantology states, “It is the quality of your personal attention to oral hygiene and willingness to attend regular maintenance reviews that will have most influence on how long they will last.”

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As an experienced family dentist, Dr.Bilus has recommended dental implants for his patients in a variety of different situations because of the many benefits they provide. With a natural look, feel, and function, he’s found that they’re a great option for replacing both front and back teeth. If you’d like to know how dental implants can benefit you or looking for an experience dentist you can call us or book a consultation appointment here.  


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